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82B305CT 82B305PLCC 82B36021206 82B3EB20BA0385 82B3EB20BAO385 82B715 82B715P
82B715PH 82B715PN 82B715PN      P 82B715PNP 82B715TD 82B715TD      P
82B715TD PH/98 82B715TDP 82B715TDPH98 82B715TDPHIL 82B715TDT 82B715V0485
82B715V2371 82B715V2631 82B715V2633 82BA 82BCN50-0-1/133 82BCN5001133 82BCP
82BEB20BA0385 82BNC-50-0-1/133N 82BNC-P75-015 82BNC50-0-1/133 82BNC5001133
82BNC5001133N 82BNCP75015 82BPQ 82C 82C 230 - 12 (POACH 1 ) 82C 255 82C 331
82C 37 P- 5 MHz 82C 37 P- 8 MHz 82C 37 Q- 8 MHzPLCC 82C 43 P- 5 MHz 82C 450
82C 452 82C 452 A 82C 50 N-PLCC 82C 50 P 82C 51 AM- 10 MHzSMD 82C 51 P
82C 53 P 2 - 8 MHz 82C 53 P- 5 MHz 82C 54 FPSMD 82C 54 P 2 - 10 MHz
82C 54 P- 8 MHz 82C 55 AFP- 2 SMD 82C 55 P- 8 MHz=uPD 71055 82C 59 A 2 P- 8 MHz
82C 59 P- 5 MHz 82C 82 P 82C 87 P 82C-N2 82C-N2       D 82C-N2       D82C-N2
82C-Q2 82C-Q2       D 82C-Q2       D82C-Q2 82C002-QC 82C002-QCVLSI 82C002QC
82C002QCVLSI 82C003QC1 82C003QCI 82C01-1 82C011 82C012 82C06 82C06-16 82C0616
82C06F 82C06N 82C08 82C08-10 82C08-10      N 82C08-10      N82C08-10 82C08-10(N
82C08-16 82C08-16      P 82C08-16      P82C08-16 82C08-20 82C08-8
82C08-8 (PLCC)(N82C08-8) 82C08-8 P8208-8 82C08-8-PLCC 82C08-8-PLCC(N82C08-
82C08-8-PLCC(N82C08-8) 82C08-8-PLCC(N82C08-8) D/C84 82C08-8-PLCC(N82C08-8) D/C90
82C08-8INTL 82C08-8P8208-8 82C0810 82C0810N 82C0810N82C0810 82C0816 82C0816P
82C0816P82C0816 82C0820 82C088 82C088(UM82C088F)100 82C088(UM82C088F)100PIN
82C088(UM82C088F)100PIN D/C89 82C088(UM82C088F)100PINDC89 82C088INTL 82C088P82088
82C088PLCC 82C088PLCC(N82C088) D/C90 82C088PLCC(N82C088)DC84 82C088PLCCN82C08
82C088PLCCN82C088 82C088PLCCN82C088DC84 82C088PLCCN82C088DC90 82C088UM82C088F100
82C088UM82C088F100PIN 82C088UM82C088F100PINDC89 82C09/BXA 82C09BXA 82C10-QC
82C10-QCVLSI 82C100 82C100       F 82C100       F82C100 82C100-QC
82C100-QC      V 82C100-QC      VL 82C100-QC      VL82C100-QC 82C100-QC      VLS
82C100-QCVLSI 82C100/H 82C100F 82C100F82C100 82C100H 82C100H F71004-F
82C100HF71004F 82C100QC 82C100QCCHIPSET 82C100QCV 82C100QCVL 82C100QCVL82C100QC
82C100QCVLS 82C100QCVLSI 82C101 82C101(SL82C101V-201 82C101(SL82C101V-201-AA)QFP
82C101(SL82C101V-201-AA)QFP94 82C101(SL82C101V201AA)QFP94 82C101-QC 82C101-QCVLSI
82C101A-QC 82C101AQC 82C101B-QC 82C101B-QC SP 82C101BQC 82C101BQCCHIPSET
82C101BQCSP 82C101C-QC 82C101C-QC SP 82C101CQC 82C101CQCSP 82C101QC 82C101QCVLSI
82C101SL82C101V201 82C101SL82C101V201AAQFP 82C101SL82C101V201AAQFP94 82C102
82C102-QC 82C102A-QC 82C102AQC 82C102AQCCHIPSET 82C102QC 82C103 82C103-QC
82C103-QCVLSI 82C103A-QC 82C103AQC 82C103AQCCHIPSET 82C103QC 82C103QCVLSI 82C104
82C104-OC 82C104-QC 82C104-QCVLSI 82C104OC 82C104QC 82C104QCCHIPSET 82C104QCVLSI
82C106-FC 82C106-FC 3066F 82C106-FC3066F 82C106FC 82C106FC3066F 82C107-FC
82C107-FC REFURB 82C107-FC2 82C107FC 82C107FC-2 82C107FC2 82C107FCREFURB 82C10QC
82C10QCVLSI 82C11 82C11 (PLCC) 82C11 UM82C11 82C11(P) 82C113A 82C113A-FC
82C113AFC 82C113AFCVLSI 82C114FC1 82C114FC1VLSI 82C11C 82C11P 82C11PLCC
82C11UM82C11 82C12 82C12(M) 82C121 82C124-00 82C12400 82C12M 82C138-2 82C1382
82C139-9 82C1399 82C144FC6 82C146FC6 82C153 82C17 82C171 82C171-35-P 82C171-50-P
82C17135P 82C17150P 82C171P 82C171P       M 82C171P       MX82C171P 82C171PM
82C171PMX82C171P 82C171SI 82C176 82C176-50 82C176-50-P 82C17650 82C17650P
82C185AN 82C186 82C186 AMD 92 PLCC 82C186AMD92PLCC 82C19 82C191CN3 82C19F 82C19N
82C1A-E16-B75 82C1A-E20-A13 82C1A-E20A13 82C1A-E24-D13 82C1A-E24-E20
82C1A-E28-A12 82C1A-E28-B15 82C1A-E28-C15 82C1A-F20-A08 82C1A-F20-A20 82C1AE16B75
82C1AE20A13 82C1AE20A27 82C1AE20B15 82C1AE24D13 82C1AE24E20 82C1AE28A10
82C1AE28A12 82C1AE28A15 82C1AE28B15 82C1AE28C15 82C1AF20A08 82C1AF20A10
82C1AF20A20 82C1B-D20-A10 82C1BD20A10 82C1D-E16-H15 82C1D-E20-B22 82C1D-E28-B20
82C1DE16H15 82C1DE20B22 82C1DE28B20 82C1G-E20-BA0342 82C1GE20BA0342 82C20-GL
82C200 82C200P 82C200T 82C201 82C201 (PLCC)(MB8654304U) 82C201 (PLCC)(P82C201)
82C201 (PLCC)(P82C201-10) 82C201(VL82C201-16QC)PLCC90 V 82C201-10
82C201-10      C 82C201-10      P 82C201-10      P82C201-10 82C201-10 12.5
82C201-10/12.5MNZ 82C201-10/12.5MNZCT 82C201-10MHZ 82C201-16Q 82C201-16QC
82C201-16QC     V 82C201-16QC     VL82C201-16QC 82C201-7014-0033
82C201-PLCC(MB865430 82C201-PLCC(MB8654304U)87 CH 82C201-PLCC(P82C201)
82C201-PLCC(P82C201) D/C87 CH 82C201-PLCC(P82C201- 82C201-PLCC(P82C201-10)87 CH
82C201/7014-0033 82C20110 82C20110125 82C20110125MNZ 82C20110125MNZCT 82C20110C
82C20110MHZ 82C20110P 82C20110P82C20110 82C20116Q 82C20116QC 82C20116QCV
82C20116QCVL82C20116QC 82C20170140033 82C201PLCC 82C201PLCC(MB8654304U)87 CH
82C201PLCC(P82C201) D/C87 CH 82C201PLCC(P82C20110)87 CH 82C201PLCCMB865430
82C201PLCCMB8654304U 82C201PLCCMB8654304U87CH 82C201PLCCP82C201
82C201PLCCP82C20110 82C201PLCCP82C2011087CH 82C201PLCCP82C201DC87CH
82C201VL82C20116QCPLCC90V 82C202 82C202       P 82C202       P82C202
82C202(P82C202) 82C202(P82C202) D/C87    CH 82C202(P82C202) D/C88    CH
82C202(P82C202)D/C88 82C202(VL82C202-16QC 82C202(VL82C202-16QC)PLCC
82C202(VL82C202-16QC)PLCC90 V 82C202(VL82C20216QC)PLCC90 V 82C202-16Q 82C202-16QC
82C202/MB674304U 82C20216Q 82C20216QC 82C20271AB 82C202A 82C202G 82C202MB674304U
82C202P 82C202P82C202 82C202P82C202DC87CH 82C202P82C202DC88 82C202P82C202DC88CH
82C202VL82C20216QC 82C202VL82C20216QCPLCC 82C202VL82C20216QCPLCC90V 82C203
82C203 (PLCC)(P82C203) 82C203-16QC 82C203-PLCC(P82C203)
82C203-PLCC(P82C203) D/C87 CH 82C20316QC 82C203F-LV 82C203FLV 82C203PLCC
82C203PLCC(P82C203) D/C87 CH 82C203PLCCP82C203 82C203PLCCP82C203DC87CH 82C204
82C204(VL82C204-16QC 82C204(VL82C204-16QC;USED)PLCC 82C204(VL82C20416QC;USED)PLCC
82C204-16QC 82C204-16QC     V 82C204-16QC     VL82C204-16QC 82C20416QC
82C20416QCV 82C20416QCVL82C20416QC 82C204VL82C20416QC 82C204VL82C20416QCUSEDPLCC
82C205 82C205(VL82C205-16QC 82C205(VL82C205-16QC)PLCC
82C205(VL82C205-16QC)PLCC89 V 82C205(VL82C205-16QC)PLCC90 V
82C205(VL82C20516QC)PLCC89 V 82C205(VL82C205A-16QC)PLCC
82C205(VL82C205A-16QC)PLCC89V 82C205(VL82C205A-16QC)PLCC90V
82C205(VL82C205A16QC)PLCC90V 82C2051 82C205A-16QC 82C205A16QC 82C205VL82C20516QC
82C205VL82C20516QCPLCC 82C205VL82C20516QCPLCC89V 82C205VL82C20516QCPLCC90V
82C205VL82C205A16QCPLCC 82C205VL82C205A16QCPLCC89V 82C205VL82C205A16QCPLCC90V
82C206 82C206       8 82C206  J 82C206 6 82C206 C1 82C206 F-1 82c206 f1 82c206 g
82C206 H 82C206 H1 82C206 HI 82C206 QFP100 OPT 82C206 REV H1 82C206- 82C206-C1
82C206-F-1 82C206-G 82C206-H 82C206-H1 82C206-HI 82C206-J 82C206-N
82C206-N/S1930690 82C206/J.62 82C206/PLCC 82C2066 82C2066058-J 82C2066058J
82C2068 82C206AQ/QFP 82C206AQQFP 82C206C 82C206C1 82C206C1      O 82C206C1O
82C206C1OPTI 82C206CI 82C206CT 82C206DLV 82C206F 82C206F       8 82C206F QFP100
82C206F(P 82C206F(UM 82C206F(UM) 82C206F- 82C206F-1 82C206F-I 82C206F-LV
82C206F-LV-NEW 82C206F1 82C206F8 82C206FI 82C206FLV 82C206FLVNEW 82C206FLY
82C206FP 82C206FQFP100 82C206FUM 82c206g 82C206G-ES3 82C206GES3 82C206H
82C206H PLCC 82C206H(PLCC) 82C206H-1      C 82C206H1 82C206H1      P
82C206H1      P82C206H1 82C206H1C 82C206H1CHI82 82C206H1P 82C206H1P82C206H1
82C206HI 82C206HPLCC 82C206J 82C206J62 82C206L 82C206L-CS 82C206LCS 82C206LOPTI
82C206M 82C206N 82C206NS1930690 82C206OPTI 82C206P 82C206P82C206C1USED
82C206P82C206F 82C206P82C206F-1 82C206P82C206F1 82C206P82C206F1USED
82C206P82C206G-ES3 82C206P82C206GES3 82C206P82C206GUSED 82C206P82C206H
82C206P82C206H1 82C206P82C206H1USED 82C206P82C206HUSED 82C206P82C206JUSED
82C206P82C206USED 82C206PLCC 82C206Q 82C206Q-E 82C206QE 82C206QEOPTI
82C206QFP100OPT 82C206REVH1 82C206SMD 82C208 82C208C1 82C208Q 82C20GL 82C211
82C211-12 82C211-12 C 82C211-12-C&T 82C211-12C 82C211-12C     P
82C211-12C     P82C211-12C 82C211-12C/16MHZ 82C211-12C/16MHZCT 82C211-12CCT
82C211-12D 82C211-12D/20MHZ 82C211-12DCT 82C211-12E 82C211-12TOSH 82C211-C&T
82C211/212/215 82C21112 82C21112C 82C21112C16MHZ 82C21112C16MHZCT 82C21112CCT
82C21112CP 82C21112CP82C21112C 82C21112CT 82C21112D 82C21112D20MHZ 82C21112DCT
82C21112E 82C21112TOSH 82C211212215 82C211B-12(PULLS) C&T 88+ 82C211B12PULLSCT88
82C211C 82C211CT 82C211E 82C211L 82C211P82C211-12C 82C211P82C21112C
82C211P82C211C 82C212 82C212-12 82C212-12A 82C212-12B 82C212-12MHZ
82C212-12MHZ    P 82C21212 82C21212A 82C21212B 82C21212MHZ 82C21212MHZP 82C212B
82C212B-1 82C212B-12 82C212B-12     P 82C212B-12     P82C212B-12 82C212B-12 16M
82C212B-12 A 82C212B-12-C&T 82C212B-12/20MHZ 82C212B-12/20MHZCT 82C212B-12A
82C212B-12A     P 82C212B-12ACT 82C212B-12B 82C212B-12CT 82C212B-20A
82C212B-20ACT 82C212B-C&T 82C212B1 82C212B12 82C212B1216M 82C212B1220MHZ
82C212B1220MHZCT 82C212B12A 82C212B12ACT 82C212B12AP 82C212B12B 82C212B12CT
82C212B12P 82C212B12P82C212B12 82C212B20A 82C212B20ACT 82C212BCT
82C212P82C212B-12 82C212P82C212B12 82C215 82C215       P 82C215 (P) 82C215 A
82C215 B 82C215-12 82C215-12      P 82C215-12      P82C215-12 82C215-12-C&T
82C215-12CT 82C215-12MHZ 82C215-12MHZ    P 82C215-2 82C215-C&T 82C215/20MHZ
82C21512 82C21512CT 82C21512MHZ 82C21512MHZP 82C21512P 82C21512P82C21512 82C2152
82C21520MHZ 82C215A 82C215A       P 82C215A       P82C215A 82C215ACHI91 82C215ACT
82C215AP 82C215AP82C215A 82C215B 82C215CT 82C215L 82C215P 82C215P82C215-12/110
82C215P82C215/7061-0 82C215P82C21512110 82C215P82C21516MHZ 82C215P82C21570610
82C220 82C221 82C222 82C223 82C225 82C226 82C226(P) 82C226-6053-J 82C2266053J
82C226CT 82C226P 82C227A 82C230 82C230-10 82C230-10ZYM 82C230-12 82C230-12 PLCC
82C230-12(POACH1) 82c230-12/appian 82c230-12/zymos 82C230-1212MHZ 82C230-12ZYM
82C23010 82C23010ZYM 82C23012 82C2301212MHZ 82c23012appian 82C23012PLCC
82C23012PLCCDC8 82C23012PLCCDC89 82C23012POACH1 82C23012ZYM 82c23012zymos 82C231
82C231 PLCC 82C231-10 82C231-10ZYM 82C231-12 82C231-12-PLCC 82C231-1212MHZ
82C231-12ZYM 82C231/REF 82C23110 82C23110ZYM 82C23112 82C2311212MHZ 82C23112PLCC
82C23112POACH2 82C23112ZYM 82C231PLCC 82C231PLCCDC88 82C231REF 82C232 82C232ZYMOS
82C233 82C233 D/C 88 DIP 40 P 82C233 D/C 88 DIP 40 PIN 82C233D/C88DIP40P
82C233DC88DIP40P 82C233DC88DIP40PIN 82C235 82C235-12 82C235-12A 82C235-12ACT
82C235-D 82C23512 82C23512A 82C23512ACT 82C235D 82C237-10 82C237-12 82C23710
82C23712 82C23N 82C248-8 82C2488 82C250 82C250(A) 82C250-N 82C250-SMD 82C250/N4
82C250A 82C250N 82C250N /SIE 82C250N4 82C250NSIE 82C250PHIL 82C250SMD 82C250T
82C250TD 82C250TN4 82C251 82C251-N 82C251B-1 82C251B1 82C251N 82C251T 82C251T/N3
82C251TN3 82C254K 82C255 82C255-O 82C255AN-10 82C255AN-2 82C255AN10 82C255AN2
82C255AP-2 82C255AP2 82C255ASP 82C255O 82C256-250 82C256250 82C256AF-10
82C256AF10 82C256BF-10 82C256BF-2 82C256BF10 82C256BF2 82C257-1-N 82C257-1-NV2.1
82C257-200 82C2571N 82C2571N-V21 82C2571NV2.1 82C2571NV21 82C257200 82C258
82C258A-1-N 82C258A-12-N 82C258A-12N 82C258A-16-N 82C258A-16N 82C258A-20-N
82C258A-20N 82C258A12N 82C258A16N 82C258A1N 82C258A20N 82C258AA-12-N 82C258AA12N
82C260-1B 82C2601B 82C264 82C264K 82C265AF-10 82C265AF10 82C265BF-10 82C265BF10
82C28 82C28 SOP-28 82C28-1PCC 82C281 82C281 (QFP)(IC82C281) 82C281 160PIN
82C281 160PIN D/C92     O 82C281-25 82C281-25(ATF82C281-
82C281-25(ATF82C281-25)QFP 82C281-25(ATF82C281-25)QFP92 82C281-A 82C281-QFP
82C281-QFP(IC82C281) 82C281-QFP(IC82C281)D/C92  O 82C281160PIN 82C281160PIND/C92O
82C281160PINDC92O 82C28125 82C28125(ATF82C28125)QFP92 82C28125ATF82C281
82C28125ATF82C28125QFP 82C28125ATF82C28125QFP92 82C281A 82C281A-20MHZ
82C281A20MHZ 82C281PCC 82C281QFP 82C281QFP(IC82C281)D/C92  O
82C281QFP(IC82C281)DC92O 82C281QFPIC82C281 82C281QFPIC82C281DC92O 82C282 82C283
82C283 (SMD) 82C283 160PIN 82C283 160PIN D/C92     O 82C283 B QFP160 82C283-B
82C283-QFP 82C283-SMD 82C283-SMD D/C91 82C283-SMDD/C91 82C283160PIN
82C283160PIND/C92O 82C283160PINDC92O 82C283B 82C283BQFP160 82C283QFP 82C283SMD
82C283SMD D/C91 82C283SMDDC91 82C283SX/AT 82C283SXAT 82C284 82C284-1 82C284-10
82C284-10 D/C 89 82C284-10(INT) 82C284-10D/C89 82C284-10INTL 82C284-12
82C284-12 (CROPPED) 82C284-12 INTEL 82C284-12 UM 82C284-12 UMC88 82C284-12/883
82C284-6/B 82C284-8 82C284-8      D 82C284-8      D82C284-8 82C284-8/B
82C284-8INTL 82C284-O 82C2841 82C28410 82C28410DC89 82C28410INT 82C28410INTL
82C28412 82C28412883 82C28412CROPPED 82C28412INTEL 82C28412UM 82C28412UMC88
82C2846B 82C2848 82C2848/12 82C284812 82C2848B 82C2848D 82C2848D82C2848
82C2848INTL 82C2848PLCC 82C284DM 82C284DM      D 82C284DM      D82C284-8
82C284DMD 82C284DMD82C2848 82C284O 82C285 82C286 82C288 82C288-1 82C288-10
82C288-10(INT) 82C288-10/B 82C288-12 82C288-12 (CROPPED) 82C288-12 INTEL
82C288-12 UMC 82C288-12CP 82C288-6 82C288-8 82C288-8/BMY 82C288-8INTL 82C2881
82C28810 82C28810B 82C28810INT 82C28812 82C28812CP 82C28812CROPPED 82C28812INTEL
82C28812UMC 82C2886 82C2888 82C2888B 82C2888BMY 82C2888INTL 82C28SOP28 82C291
82C295 82C295 OPTI-QFP 82C295OPTIQFP 82C2D-E20-A13/A13 82C2D-E20-B17/B10
82C2D-E20-D10/D10 82C2DE20A13A13 82C2DE20B17B10 82C2DE20D10D10 82C2DK28AD8
82C300-FCP 82C300FCP 82C301 82C301 C 82C301 D 82C301-20 82C3010VSC 82C30120
82C301C 82C301C       P 82C301C-20MHZ 82C301C16CHI89 82C301C16CHIP88
82C301C20CHI90 82C301C20MHZ 82C301C25MHZ 82C301CP 82C301CPLCC 82C301D
82C301D       C 82C301D       C& 82C301D       C&T 82C301DC 82C301DCT 82C302
82C302 20MHZ 82C302 A 82C302 C 82C302 D 82C302(P 82C302-20 82C30220 82C30220MHZ
82C302A 82C302C 82C302C16CHIP88 82C302C20MHZ 82C302C25MHZ 82C302D 82C302D       C
82C302D       C& 82C302D       C&T 82C302DC 82C302DCT 82C302P 82C303 82C304
82C304 A 82C304-QC 82C304-QC      VL 82C304-QC      VLS 82C304A 82C304QC
82C304QCVL 82C304QCVLS 82C305 82C305FC 82C306 82C306-FC1 82C306A 82C306FC1
82C307A 82C308-35JC 82C308-35JC     M 82C308-35JC     MS82C308-35JC 82C30835JC
82C30835JCM 82C30835JCMS82C30835JC 82C31 82C31-12 82C310-25FC4 82C310-FC2
82C31025FC4 82C310FC-4 82C310FC2 82C310FC4 82C311 B 82C311-25F4 82C311-25FC2
82C311-25FC3 82C311-25FC4 82C311-25FCA 82C311-33F6A 82C311-33FC4
82C311-33FC4 REFRB 82C3112 82C31125F4 82C31125FC2 82C31125FC3 82C31125FC4
82C31125FCA 82C31133F6A 82C31133FC4 82C31133FC4REFRB 82C311B 82C312-FC1 82C312FC1
82C315 82C315A 82C315AFC-2 82C315AFC-2VLSI 82C315AFC2 82C315AFC2-R 82C315AFC2R
82C315AFC2VLSI 82C316 82C316A 82C316FC 82C316FCVLSI 82C32-FC 82C320
82C320 FC REFURB 82C320-AFC 82C320-FC 82C320A 82C320A-25 82C320A-25FC 82C320A-FC
82C320A25 82C320A25-FC 82C320A25FC 82C320A25FC1 82C320AFC 82C320FC 82C320FCREFURB
82C321A 82C321AA 82C321ACT 82C322AA 82C322AFC-2 82C322AFC2 82C325A 82C32FC 82C330
82C330-12 82C330-FC 82C330-PS 82C33012 82C330FC 82C330FC-4.01 82C330FC-4.01VLSI
82C330FC4 82C330FC4.04 82C330FC401 82C330FC401VLSI 82C330FC404 82C330PS 82C331
82C331-25FC 82C331-FC 82C331-FCVLSI 82C33125FC 82C331FC 82C331FC 5.03 82C331FC5
82C331FC503 82C331FCVLSI 82C331VL82C331FC 82C332 82C332-FC 82C332-PS 82C332FC
82C332FC 3.01 82C332FC3 82C332FC301 82C332FCVLSI 82C332PS 82C338-8 82C3388
82C339-9 82C3399 82C340-PSFC 82C340PSFC 82C3455A 82C346 82C348 82C3480 82C3481
82C3481 XMVL 82C3481 XMVL    8 82C3481XM REV 1 82C3481XMREV1 82C3481XMVL
82C3481XMVL8 82C3482 82C3482-AP 82C3482AP 82C3482AP-2 82C3482AP-REV2 82C3482AP2
82C3482APREV2 82C348XM 82C348XM-REV1 82C348XMREV1 82C348XMVL 82C3490 82C3491
82C34A 82C35 82C351 82C351 B-1 82C351 C 82C351-B-1 82C351/C 82C35133MHZ 82C351B-1
82C351B1 82C351C 82C352 82C352-SMD 82C352SMD 82C355 82C355 REV A 82C355-A
82C35533MHZ 82C355A 82C355A       F 82C355A-02 82C355A02 82C355AF 82C355REVA
82C356 82C35633MHX 82C356A 82C35A-2 82C35A2 82C362 82C362SYMP 82C365G 82C37
82C37(W82C37A) 82C37(W82C37A)D/C90 82C37(W82C37A)D/C91 82C37(W82C37A)DC90
82C37(W82C37A)DC91 82C37(W82C37A)PULLED 82C37(W82C37A)PULLED D/C90
82C37(W82C37A)PULLED D/C91 82C37(W82C37A)PULLEDDC90 82C37-10 82C37-10(KS82C37A-10
82C37-10(KS82C37A-10CP)PULLED 82C37-10CP 82C37-5 82C3710
82C3710(KS82C37A10CP)PULLED 82C3710CP 82C3710KS82C37A10 82C3710KS82C37A10CPPULLED
82C374-5CP 82C3745CP 82C375 82C37A 82C37A       C 82C37A PLCC 82C37A-05PC
82C37A-08QC 82C37A-10CN 82C37A-10CP 82C37A-10PC 82C37A-12 82C37A-5
82C37A-5      C 82C37A-5      H 82C37A-5      P 82C37A-5      P82C37A-5
82C37A-5(CD 82C37A-5(P 82C37A-5/B 82C37A-5/B     M 82C37A-5CN 82C37A-5CP
82C37A-8CP 82C37A-8CP CALM 82C37A/B 82C37A/BMR 82C37A05PC 82C37A08QC 82C37A10CN
82C37A10CP 82C37A10PC 82C37A12 82C37A5 82C37A5B 82C37A5BM 82C37A5C 82C37A5CD
82C37A5CN 82C37A5CP 82C37A5H 82C37A5P 82C37A5P82C37A5 82C37A8CL 82C37A8CP
82C37A8CPCALM 82C37AB 82C37ABMR 82C37AC 82C37AF-P4 82C37AFP-5 82C37AFP4 82C37AFP5
82C37AM-5 82C37AM5 82C37AP-4 82C37AP-5 82C37AP-5TOSH 82C37AP4 82C37AP5
82C37AP5TOSH 82C37APLCC 82C37B-5 82C37B-5JS 82C37B-5RS 82C37B5 82C37B5JS
82C37B5RS 82C37KS82C37A-10CP 82C37KS82C37A10CP 82C37P-5 82C37P-5MHZ 82C37P-8MHZ
82C37P5 82C37P5MHz 82C37P8MHz 82C37Q-8MHZPLCC 82C37Q8MHzPLCC 82C37W82C37A
82C37W82C37ADC90 82C37W82C37ADC91 82C37W82C37APULLED 82C37W82C37APULLEDDC90
82C37W82C37APULLEDDC91 82C37X-5 82C37X5 82C381 82C381 33M 82C381 33MHZ 82C381-25
82C381-25MHZ 82C381/33MHZ 82C38125 82C38125MHZ 82C38133M 82C38133MHZ 82C381P
82C381P-25 82C381P-25MHZ 82C381P-B 82C381P25 82C381P25MHZ 82C381PB 82C382
82C382 25MHZ 82C382-25 82C382-257HZ 82C382-25MHZ 82C382-25MHZ    8 82C382-33
82C382/25MHZ 82C382/33MHZ 82C382/33MHZOPTI 82C38225 82C382257HZ 82C38225MHZ
82C38225MHZ8 82C38233 82C38233MHZ 82C38233MHZOPTI 82C382B1 82C382DC89PLCC 82C382P
82C382P-25 82C382P25 82C383 82C383DC89PLCC 82C384 82C384DC91PLC 82C384DC91PLCC
82C386 82C388A 82C389 82C389-GC 82C389A-GC 82C389A-GC     VL82C389A-GC
82C389A-GC   PGA 82C389AGC 82C389AGCPGA 82C389AGCVL82C389AGC 82C389GC
82C389GC.11PGA 82C389GC11PGA 82C391 82C391 (SMD)(UM82C391AF) 82C391-B1
82C391-B1OPTI 82C391-SMD(UM82C391A 82C391-SMD(UM82C391AF)D/C92 82C391B 82C391B1
82C391B1OPTI 82C391SMD 82C391SMD(UM82C391AF)D/C92 82C391SMDUM82C391A
82C391SMDUM82C391AF 82C391SMDUM82C391AFDC92 82C392 82C392 B 82C392(4L40F1206)
82C392-B 82C392-SX 82C3924L4 82C3924L40F1206 82C392B 82C392SX 82C392V 82C393
82C393       O 82C393O 82C3A-F24-H11/003 82C3AF24H11003 82C4014 82C401A 82C402
82C402(N82C402) 82C402(N82C402) D/C92 82C402(N82C402)D/C92 82C402(N82C402)DC92
82C402A       C 82C402A       C& 82C402A       C&T 82C402AC 82C402ACT
82C402N82C402 82C402N82C402DC92 82C403 82C404 82C404C 82C404C99642 82C406MV
82C410VL82C410FC4.0 82C410VL82C410FC40 82C411 82C411FLAT 82C416 82C42 82C420AFC3
82C423B 82C425-FC2 82C425-PSFC1 82C4256-80PSZ 82C425680PSZ 82C425A 82C425B
82C425EX 82C425FC2 82C425FC2.01 82C425FC201 82C425L 82C425PSFC1 82C426 82C426A
82C42N 82C42PC 82C42PC) 82C42PE 82C42PE       I 82C42PE /INTL 82C42PE-V1.25
82C42PED 82C42PEI 82C42PEINTL 82C42PER 7088 82C42PER7088 82C42PESU006 82C42PEV125
82C42V 82C43 82C43        M 82C43(M) 82C43. 82C431 82C431CT 82C431JG 82C431PLCC
82C432 82C432A 82C432ACT 82C432B 82C432B-7011-009 82C432B7011009 82C432CT 82C433
82C433A 82C433CT 82C434 82C434A 82C434A       P 82C434A       P82C434A 82C434AP
82C434AP82C434A 82C434CT 82C435 82C4356A60P 82C435AV5PLCC 82C435MM9177A-V5
82C435MM9177AV5 82C436 82C43C 82C43D 82C43GS-VK 82C43GSVK 82C43IJG
82C43IJG      I 82C43IJGI 82C43L 82C43M 82C43P 82C43P PDIP24 82C43P-5MHz
82C43P5MHz 82C43PPDIP24 82C43RS 82C43RS OKI/99 82C43RSOKI99 82C43S0025 82C43Y
82C441 82C442A 82C45-5 82C450 82C450 SMD 82C450-B 82C450A 82C450B 82C450L
82C450LUMC 82C450NS 82C450SMD 82C450UMC 82C451 82C451       8 82C451 C 82C451-A
82C4518 82C451A 82C451A       F 82C451AF 82C451B 82C451C 82C451L 82C452
82C452(UM82C452L)PLC 82C452(UM82C452L)PLCC USED 82C452(UM82C452L)PLCCUSED
82C452-A 82C452-ASIS 82C452/A 82C452A 82C452A(16C452) 82C452A16C452 82C452AL
82C452ASIS 82C452B 82C452L 82C452SAM 82C452UM82C452LPLC 82C452UM82C452LPLCCUSED
82C453 A 82C453A 82C454-50P 82C45450P 82C455 82C455A 82C4583B 82C45L 82C46 82C460
82C461 82C461 PULL 82C461(OPTI) 82C461-4L12F3213 82C461/82C462 82C4614L12F3213
82C46182C462 82C461OPTI 82C461PULL 82C462 82C462 B PULL 82C462(KS82C462)
82C462(KS82C462)D/C9 82C462(KS82C462)D/C90 82C462-B 82C462B 82C462BPULL
82C462KS82C462 82C462KS82C462DC9 82C462KS82C462DC90 82C463 82C463 (QFP)
82C463(QFP) 82C463-OAOX 82C463MV 82C463MV      8 82C463MV (OP0463MVA0XX-001)
82C463MV OPTI 82C463MV/OPTI 82C463MV8 82C463MVOP0463MVA0XX001 82C463MVOPTI
82C463OAOX 82C463QFP 82C465 82C465-MV 82C465A 82C465MV 82C465MVA 82C465MVA      8
82C465MVA8 82C465MVB 82C46JMVP 82C470 82C476-80 82C47680 82C476P-80 82C476P80
82C478P-80 82C478P80 82C48 82C48(UM82C48A) D/C91 82C48(UM82C48A)D/C91
82C480 QFP208 V 82C480-FC-1 82C480-FC1 82C480-PSFC1 82C480FC1 82C480PSFC1
82C480QFP208V 82C481 82C481(QFP,UM82C481A) 82C481(QFP,UM82C481A) D/C91
82C481(UM82C481AF) 82C481(UM82C481AF) D/C92 82C481(UM82C481AF)D/ 82C481-25
82C481-25MHZ 82C481-25MHZOPTI 82C481-33 82C481-33MHZ 82C481-A 82C48125
82C48125MHZ 82C48125MHZOPTI 82C48133 82C48133MHZ 82C481A 82C481AF 82C481BF
82C481BFUMC 82C481FC1 82C481FC1 REFURB 82C481FC1REFURB 82C481FC1VLSI 82C481P-25
82C481P120K 82C481P25 82C481QFPUM82C481A 82C481QFPUM82C481ADC91 82C481UM82C481AF
82C481UM82C481AFD 82C481UM82C481AFDC92 82C482 82C482 (SMD)(UM82C482AF)
82C482 /UCOMP 82C482(UM82C482AF)QF 82C482(UM82C482AF)QFP
82C482(UM82C482AF)QFP D/C92 82C482(UM82C482AF)QFP D/C93 82C482-25 82C482-25MHZ
82C482-25MHZOPTI 82C482-33MHZ 82C482-A 82C482-SMD(UM82C482A
82C482-SMD(UM82C482AF)D/C92 82C48225 82C48225MHZ 82C48225MHZOPTI 82C48233MHZ
82C482A 82C482A /VA 82C482AF 82C482AF- 82C482AVA 82C482SMD
82C482SMD(UM82C482AF)D/C92 82C482SMDUM82C482A 82C482SMDUM82C482AF
82C482SMDUM82C482AFDC92 82C482UCOMP 82C482UM82C482AFQF 82C482UM82C482AFQFP
82C482UM82C482AFQFPDC92 82C482UM82C482AFQFPDC93 82C483-FC6 82C483FC1
82C483FC1 REFURB 82C483FC1REFURB 82C483FC3 82C483FC3VLSI 82C483FC6 82C484 82C486A
82C486FC1 82C486FC2 82C486FC3 82C487-80 82C48780 82C487P-80 82C487P80
82C48UM82C48ADC91 82C490110 82C490P-110 82C490P-80 82C490P110 82C490P80 82C491
82C491A 82C491B 82C491F 82C491F/AC 82C491FAC 82C492B 82C493 82C493-33 82C49333
82C493B 82C493B (QFP) 82C493B 50MHZ 82C493B 50MHZ    O 82C493B(QFP) 82C493B1
82C493B50MHZ 82C493B50MHZO 82C493BQFP 82C493F 82C494 82C495 82C495 B1 82C495-B1
82C495-SX 82C4955LC 82C495B 82C495B1 82C495B150MHZ 82C495BI 82C495SLC 82C495SX
82C495XLC 82C495XLCOPTI 82C496 82C496 B1 82C496-B1 82C496-B1- 82C496B 82C496B1
82C496B1 PQFP 82C496B1- 82C496B1PQFP 82C496BI 82C496G 82C497 82C497       8
82C497       Q 82C497       QP000497A0XX-504 82C497(M) 82C497-33 82C497-40
82C497-50 82C49733 82C49740 82C49750 82C4978 82C497M 82C497Q
82C497QP000497A0XX504 82C498 82C498-50 82C49850 82C499 82C499 B 82C499 B1
82C499 BI 82C499-B1 82C499B 82C499B1 82C499B1 001499B0XX-001 82C499B1 QPTI-QFP
82C499B1001499B0XX-0 82C499B1001499B0XX0 82C499B1001499B0XX001 82C499B1QPTIQFP
82C499BI 82C5 82C50 82C50 (PLCC) 82C50(PLCC) 82C50-2 82C50-PC 82C50-PL
82C50-PL-00-02 82C50-WD 82C501 82C501 SZ046 82C501 SZ046    D
82C501 SZ046    D82C501 SZ046 82C501AD 82C501AD (CROPPED) 82C501AD PLCC
82C501AD SZ301 82C501AD SZ450 82C501AD(N 82C501AD/SZ450 82C501AD28L PLCC
82C501AD28LPLCC 82C501ADCROPPED 82C501ADN 82C501ADPLCC 82C501ADSZ301
82C501ADSZ450 82C501ADSZ451 82C501CD 82C501SZ046 82C501SZ046D
82C501SZ046D82C501SZ046 82C502 82C502       D 82C502       D82C502 82C502D
82C502D82C502 82C503 82C5050-10C 82C505010C 82C5058A 82C5058F82C5058D 82C5059
82C5059-B 82C5059B 82C5060 82C5060-24 82C5060-24C 82C5060-32 82C506024 82C506024C
82C506024CPLCC 82C506032 82C5070 82C5080C 82C5086 82C5086-B 82C5086B 82C5086BCT
82C5098D 82C50A 82C50A       M 82C50A UMC/89 82C50A-10 82C50A-3 82C50A-44
82C50A-5 82C50A-5      C 82C50A-8007-3 82C50A-8CP 82C50A-PC 82C50A10 82C50A3
82C50A44 82C50A5 82C50A5C 82C50A5PLCC 82C50A80073 82C50A8CP 82C50AGS 82C50AM
82C50AN 82C50AN(NS) 82C50ANNS 82C50APC 82C50ASIS 82C50AUMC 82C50AUMC89 82C50AV
82C50AV       N 82C50AVN 82C50AVNSC 82C50B 82C50B PC 82C50BPC 82C50BSIS
82C50N-PLCC 82C50NJM 82C50NPLCC 82C50P 82C50P-10 82C50P10 82C50PC 82C50PC       V
82C50PC       VL82C50PC 82C50PCV 82C50PCVL82C50PC 82C50PL 82C50PL00 82C50PL00-02
82C50PL0002 82C50PLCC 82C50SIS82C50B 82C50WD 82C51 82C51(71051C)
82C51(MSM82C51A-2RS) 82C51(MSM82C51A-2RS) D/C00 82C51(MSM82C51A-2RS) D/C99
82C51-2 82C51-SMD 82C512 82C512NEC=UPD71051C 82C512NECUPD71051C 82C5171051C
82C51A 82C51A--2 82C51A-2 82C51A-2 152201 82C51A-2 PLCC 82C51A-2GS-K 82C51A-2GSK
82C51A-2JS 82C51A-2JS ( T & R ) 82C51A-2OKI 82C51A-2RS 82C51A-2RS $SIE
82C51A-2RSOKI 82C51A-2SRS 82C51A-P 82C51A/M 82C51A2 82C51A2152201 82C51A2GSIK
82C51A2GSK 82C51A2JS 82C51A2JSTR 82C51A2OKI 82C51A2PLCC 82C51A2RS 82C51A2RSOKI
82C51AM 82C51AM-10 82C51AM-10MHzSMD 82C51AM-2 82C51AM-8 82C51AM10 82C51AM10MHzSMD
82C51AM2 82C51AM8 82C51AP 82C51AP-10 82C51AP-2 82C51AP10 82C51AP2 82C51ARS
82C51ARSOKI 82C51MSM82C51A2RS 82C51MSM82C51A2RSDC00 82C51MSM82C51A2RSDC99 82C51P
82C51P-8 82C51P8 82C51SMD 82C51SOP-8 82C51SOP8 82C51TH 82C51UPD71051C 82C52
82C52 PLCC28 82C52-10 82C52-10CP 82C52-15CP 82C52-16CP 82C52-2 82C52-883
82C52/883 82C52/B 82C52/B       8 82C52/B       M 82C52/MD82C52
82503-1000 82503/N 825031000 8250331 8250332 825036-0 825036-0- 8250360
8250360AMP 8250366000 8250386 82503FN-44 82503FN44 82503INTELPUL 82503N 82504
82504-01 82504-U500-NAT 82504-W-A5 8250401 825040P 82504U500NAT 82504WA5 82505
82505-4 825051000 825054 8250574000 8250575000 8250578000 8250586 8250587
82505AMPRF 82506 82506005 825060053M 8250600550PMA 82506031 82506065 8250663000
82506GTC 82506S 82506TB 82506TC 82507005 82507065 8250732 82508 825080-0
825080-0, 825080-0- 825080-0-AMP 8250800 8250800AMP 825082799E 82508AMPRF 82509
825091002 825096001 82509AF 82509N 8250A 8250A        N 8250A        N8250A
8250A        U 8250A        UM8250A 8250A UM8250A 8250AL 8250AL       U
8250AL       UM8250AL 8250AL-00 8250AL00 8250AL20 8250ALU 8250ALUM8250AL 8250AN
8250AN       I 8250AN 40 PIN DIP 8250AN(INS 8250AN(INS) 8250AN(NS 8250AN(NS)
8250AN(WD 8250 ) 8250AN(WD8250) 8250AN. 8250AN40PINDIP 8250AN8250A 8250ANI
8250ANINS 8250ANNS 8250ANWD8250 8250AU 8250AUM8250A 8250AV 8250AV       I 8250AVI
8250B 8250B        U 8250B        UM8250B 8250B =UM8250B 8250B(UM 8250B-00
8250B-00      W 8250B-00      WD8250B-00 8250B-00-02 8250B00 8250B0002 8250B00W
8250B00WD8250B00 8250B02 8250BE 8250BN 8250BU 8250BUM 8250BUM8250B 8250c 8250CA
8250CA-5 8250CA5 8250CB 8250CJ-883B 8250CJ/883B 8250CJ883B 8250CL-00 8250CL-00-02
8250CL-00-02    W 8250CL-0002 8250CL-02 8250CL-0204 8250CL-20 8250CL00 8250CL0002
8250CL0002W 8250CL02 8250CL0204 8250CL20 8250CV 8250DC3 8250DC883B 8250DP
8250DP       R 8250DPR 8250F 8250F/883B 8250F/883C 8250F/883C     S 8250F883B
8250F883C 8250F883CS 8250HHSM 8250IN8250ANUSED 8250IN8250ANUSEDDC86 8250INS
8250INS8250NB 8250INS8250NBDC8 8250INS8250NBDC87 8250J 8250JK5PE3-1/100SEC
8250JK5PE31100SEC 8250K 8250N 8250N        I 8250N        INS8250N 8250N        N
8250N        NS8250N 8250N(INS 8250N(N 8250N-13 8250N-B 8250N-BT 8250N13 8250N8
8250N8250 8250NA 8250NA+ 8250NB 8250NBT 8250NI 8250NINS 8250NINS8250N 8250NN
8250NNS8250N 8250NNSC 8250OB 8250P-00 8250P-00-02 8250P-20 8250P-P 8250P00
8250P0002 8250P20 8250PC-00 8250PC00 8250PF 8250PL 8250PL-00 8250PL-00      W
8250PL-00      WD8250PL-00 8250PL-00-02 8250PL-00-02    W
8250PL-00-02    WD8250PL-00-02 8250PL-0002 8250PL-00WD 8250PL-20 8250PL00
8250PL00-002 8250PL00-02 8250PL00002 8250PL0002 8250PL0002W 8250PL0002WD
8250PL0002WD8250PL0002 8250PL002 8250PL00W 8250PL00WD 8250PL00WD8250PL00 8250PL02
8250PL20 8250PLDO02 8250PLWD 8250PP 8250PZ-00 8250PZ-00WD 8250PZ00 8250PZ00WD
8250S 8250V-B 8250V-BD 8250VB 8250VBD 8251 8251        C 8251        C8251
8251        D 8251        D8251 8251        P 8251        P8251MIXED WITH P8251A
8251 (P) 8251 1954D 8251 A 8251 C 8251 D   AMD 8251 pulls 8251(AM9551PC) 8251(D
8251(P 8251(P) 8251(P8251A,PULLED) D/C91 8251(UPD8251AFC) 8251(UPD8251AFC) D/C89
8251(UPD8251AFC) D/C91 8251(UPD8251AFC)D/C8 8251(UPD8251AFC)D/C9
8251(UPD8251AFC)DC89 8251- 8251-010- 8251-010-100 8251-HHSM 8251/10WSM0805
8251/16WSM0603 8251/8WSM1206 82510 82510 INTEL 86 82510 P82510 82510(P) 82510-
8251000 8251010 8251010100 825101BXACIA9117ADKB 82510DI 82510INTEL86 82510n
82510P 82510P82510 82510PL 82510PLCC 82510SMD 82511 82511-5-NE 825110WSM0805
825112 825112E12 825114W 825114W1206 825115NE 825116WSM0603 825118 82511954D
82512 82512061 8251206511 82512115 825123/BEA 825123BEA 825123F/883B 825123F883B
825123N 825126 825126/BEA 825126BEA 8251274000 825128AJ-10 825128AJ10
825129F/V-D405072 825129FVD405072 82512AMPRF 82512S 82512W 82513 825131/BEA
825131BEA 8251330 8251330       8 8251330 HSE 8251330 HSE 8 82513308 8251330HSE
8251330HSE8 825137-1 825137002 8251371 825138 82513AMPRF 82513CO 82513H 82514
825140A40001MP 825140J403/2MC 825140J4032MC 825141-2 825141-2-AMP 8251412
8251412AMP 82514W1 82514WCF 82515 82515-5 825151-00 825151-200 82515100 825151200
825153N 825155 825157N 82515AMPRF 82515CP 82516 825167BCNT 82517 825178 82518
82518WSM1206 82519 825191AA 825191CF3 82519E 82519H 8251A 8251A        A
8251A        A8251A 8251A        D 8251A        D8251A 8251A        D8261A
8251A        P 8251A        P8251A 8251A D  INT 8251A DUALMARKED 8251A INT
8251A INTL PULL 8251A Serial chip 8251A(COM) 8251A(D 8251A(P 8251A-5 8251A-D
8251A-P 8251A//ICMOSINTERFSE 8251A/B 8251A/B       MD8251A/B 8251A/BC 8251A/BXA
8251A/LF 8251A5 8251AA 8251AA8251A 8251AB 8251ABC 8251ABMD8251AB 8251ABXA 8251AC
8251AC       D 8251AC       D8251AC 8251AC(D 8251AC-2 8251AC2 8251ACD
8251ACD8251AC 8251ACOM 8251AD 8251AD8251A 8251AD8261A 8251ADGOLD 8251ADINT
8251AINT 8251AINTL 8251AINTLPULL 8251ALF 8251AM9551PC 8251AP 8251AP       M
8251AP       T 8251AP(M5L 8251AP(M5L) 8251AP(TMP 8251AP-2
8251AP-5 8251AP-5      M 8251AP2 8251ap5 8251AP5/8251A 8251AP58251A 8251AP5M
8251AP5PH 8251AP5PHD 8251AP8251A 8251APK 8251APM 8251APM5L 8251APMIT 8251APT
8251APTMP 8251ASerialchip 8251AXD 8251B 8251B        N 8251BAMD 8251BN 8251C
8251C        C 8251C        D 8251C        D8251C 8251C(D) 8251C8251 8251CC
8251CD 8251CD8251C 8251D 8251D8251 8251DAMD 8251DC 8251DC       M
8251DC       M8251 8251DCM 8251DCM8251 8251DD 8251DKIT 8251E 8251F 8251F4000
8251HHSM 8251IAD 8251INTL 8251J 8251J        I 8251JI 8251MIXED WITH P
8251MIXED WITH P8251A 8251MIXEDWITHP 8251MIXEDWITHP8251A 8251MP 8251MP       R
8251MPR 8251N 8251N        I 8251N        INS8251N 8251N        N 8251N(INS)
8251N(N 8251NI 8251NINS 8251NINS8251N 8251NN 8251NNSC 8251P 8251P8251APULLEDDC91
8251P8251MIXEDWITHP8251A 8251PLC 8251pulls 8251UPD8251AFC 8251UPD8251AFCDC8
8251UPD8251AFCDC89 8251UPD8251AFCDC9 8251UPD8251AFCDC91 8252 8252 JAN 8252-HHSM
8252/4PR60B JAN 825201/LT4239 8252015153027100 825201LT4239 825202E15 82520A2P
82520A4P 82520B2P 82520H 82520N 82520NHSCCVB2 82520NHSCCVB2PLCC 82520P
82520P SAB82520 82520PSAB82520 82520W 82520W2 82521 825213-1 825213-1,
825213-1-AMP 8252131 8252131AMP 825215696H 8252157090G 8252157090H 8252157090L
8252157219G 8252157490G 8252157490H 8252157490K 82521H 82521TA 82521TB 82522-1
825221 825228X5V0104Z 82522P 82522PHSCCEVC2 82523 8252300V 825231Z5U104Z 82523F
82523N 82523P 82523PHSCC-EX 82523PHSCCEX 82523TB 82524 825248961 82524PR60BJAN
82525 82525GEG 82525H 82525H-V2.1 82525HSCXV2.1pull 82525HSCXV21pull 82525HV2.1
82525HV21 82525IVV21GHSCX 82525JC 82525N 82525N V2.1 82525N V2.1GHSCX 82525N VA3
82525N(SAB 82525N-V2 82525N-V2.1 82525N-V3 82525N-VA3 82525N/VA2 82525NB
82525NHSCXVA2 82525NHSCXVA3 82525NSAB 82525NSIEM 82525NV2 82525NV2.1
82525NV2.1 GHSCX 82525NV21 82525NV21GHSCX 82525NV3 82525NVA2 82525NVA3
82525SAB82525N 82526 82526 SL3BE 82526A-P 82526AP 82526H V2.1DHSCX1 82526HV2.1
82526HV2.1TR 82526HV21 82526HV21DHSCX1 82526HV21TR 82526HV231 82526JC 82526N
82526N V2.1 82526N V3 82526NHSCX1V2.1 82526NHSCX1V21 82526NV2 82526NV2.
82526NV2.1 82526NV2.1G 82526NV21 82526NV21G 82526NV3 82526NVA3-PLCC 82526NVA3PLCC
82526NYA3 82526SL3BE 82527 82527- 8252708N 825273-1 8252731 825274-1 8252741
82527501 82527F8 ST111 82527F8ST111 8252806 8252820 82529 8252960 8252A 8252B
8252B        N 8252BEBJC 8252BN 8252DD 8252F302 8252F3020 8252F3125 8252F4132
8252F4535 8252F5643H1 8252HHSM 8252JAN 8252JS826 8252N 8252N        N
8252N        N8252N 8252NN 8252NN8252N 8252ON 8252W 8252W JAN 8252WJAN 8253
8253        C 8253        C8253 8253        P 8253        P8253 8253 INTEL 8253(C
8253(D 8253(M5L) 8253(P 8253(P) 8253- 8253- pls 8253-2 8253-2       D 8253-2B
8253-4(A) 8253-5 8253-5       D 8253-5       D8253-5 8253-5       N
8253-5       P 8253-5       P8253-5 8253-5 INTEL 8253-5 P INT 8253-5(C) 8253-5(D
8253-5(D) 8253-5(P 8253-5(P) 8253-5(QP 8253-5(QP) 8253-5- 8253-5-BJA
8253-5//ICMOS3PROGTI 8253-5/BJA 8253-5/BJA     8 8253-5/LF 8253-50C 708253-5
8253-5B 8253-5B       AM8253-5B 8253-5B       D 8253-5B       D8253-5B 8253-5CCB
8253-5CCB      A 8253-5CCB      AM2853-5CCB 8253-5D 8253-5D1 8253-5DCB
8253-5DCB      A 8253-5DCB      AM8253-5DCB 8253-5GOLD 8253-5INTEL 8253-5INTL
8253-5P 8253-5PC 8253-5PCB 8253-5PINT 8253-735 8253-C2 8253-F 8253-HHSM 8253-N
8253-S 8253/B 8253/B       8 8253/BJA 8253/BJA      8 8253/C 82530 82530        P
82530 D  INT 82530 INTEL 82530(D 82530(P) 82530(P82530,PULLED) D/C84+ 82530-
82530-6 82530-6(D 82530-6-INT 82530-6INTL 82530-6PLCC 82530-G 825301 825306
825306D 825306INT 825306INTL 825306PLCC 825308 82530AMPRF 82530D 82530DC04
82530DINT 82530G 82530INTEL 82530P 82530P82530PULLEDDC84 82531 82532
82532--10NSAB 82532-N 8253210NSAB 82532B 82532D 82532DT-SZ605 82532DT-SZ605INTL
82532DTSZ605 82532DTSZ605INTL 82532H-10V3.2A 82532H-10V3.2A   S 82532H10-V32A
82532H10V32A 82532H10V32AS 82532N 82532N-10 82532N-V2.2 82532N-V2.2SIEM
82532N-V22TR 82532N-V3.2 82532N-V3.2A 82532N-V3.2ASIEM 82532N/ESCC2-V2.2 82532N10
82532N10-V2.2 82532N10-V3.2A 82532N10NAME 82532N10V2.2 82532N10V22 82532N10V3.2A
82532N10V32A 82532NESCC2V2.2 82532NESCC2V22 82532NV1.2 82532NV12
82532NV2.2  PULLS 82532NV2.2  PULLS BAD 82532NV22 82532NV22PULLS
82532NV22PULLSBAD 82532NV22SIEM 82532NV22TR 82532NV3.2AESCC2 82532NV32 82532NV32A
82532NV32AESCC2 82532NV32ASIEM 82534 82534A 82535 82535-6 825350430310EE
825350C7082535 825355 825356 82535AMPRF 82535B 82535BAM82535B 82535BD
82535BD82535B 82535BJA 82535BJA8 82535C 82535CCB 82535CCBA 82535CCBAM28535CCB
82535D 82535D1 82535D82535 82535DCB 82535DCBA 82535DCBAM82535DCB 82535GOLD
82535ICMOS3PROGTI 82535INT 82535INTEL 82535INTL 82535LF 82535N 82535P 82535P82535
82535PC 82535PCB 82535PINT 82535QP 82536 82536-2 825362 825370 8253700 8253701003
825370AMPHENO 825371 825372 825373 8253734050 8253734050AB 8253735 825373AMPRF
825374 825375 8253750 825375RFX 825375RFX0 825376 825376RFX 825377 825378
825378RFX 825379 82538-25 82538-33 825380 825381 825382 8253825 8253833 825385
825386 8253895 8253896 82538A 82538H 82538H-10 82538H-10V2.2 82538H-10V3.1
82538H10 82538H10V22 82538H10V31 8253913 8253916 8253A-5 8253A5 8253AC-5 8253AC5
8253B 8253B8 8253BJA 8253BJA8 8253BJAAMD 8253C 8253C(D) 8253C-2 8253C-2/-5
8253C-3 8253C-5 8253C-5       D 8253C-5       D8253C-5 8253C-5(A) 8253C-5(D
8253C2 8253C25 8253C3 8253C5 8253C5A 8253C5D 8253C5D8253C5 8253C8253 8253CC-2
8253CC2 8253CD 8253CF-5 8253CF5 8253D 8253DC 8253DC       A 8253DC       AM8253DC
8253DCA 8253DCAM8253DC 8253DCB 8253F 8253H10-V3.1 8253H10V31 8253HHSM 8253INTEL
8253INTL 8253J 8253LF       A 8253LFA 8253M5L 8253MIX 8253N 8253N        I
8253N-10 8253N-5 8253N/8253 8253N10 8253N5 8253N8253 8253NI 8253P 8253P-2 8253P-5
8253P-5 M5L8253P-5 8253P-5(TMP 8253P-5(TMP) 8253P2 8253P5 8253P5M5L8253P5
8253P5TMP 8253P8253 8253P8253-5 8253P82535 8253PC 8253PC       A
8253PC       AM8253PC 8253PC       P8253PC 8253PC/8253 8253PC8253 8253PCA
8253PCAM8253PC 8253PCB 8253PCP8253 8253PCP8253PC 8253pls 8253S 8253TH 8253XD
8253XW 8254 8254        P 8254        P8254 8254(D 8254(P 8254- 8254- (CROPPED)
8254-1000BLK-BLDNW 8254-11 8254-11       D 8254-11       D8254-11 8254-2
8254-2       D 8254-2       D8254-2 8254-2 D82542
8254-2 Programable Interval Timer 8254-2(D) 8254-2(P 8254-2(P) 8254-2INTL
8254-2ProgramableIntervalTimer 8254-3017 8254-5 8254-5       P
8254-5       P8254-5 8254-500BLK-BLDNW 8254-5INTL 8254-5p 8254-HHSM 8254/1000/G
8254/B 8254/B       M 8254/B       MR8254/B 82540-0310 82540-0531-N2 825400310
825400531N2 82541000BLKBLDNW 82541000G 825411 825411D 825411D825411 825412
825414-5 825414-6 8254145 8254146 82542 82542 P82542 825423518 82542D 82542D82542
82542INTL 82542P 82542P82542 82542ProgramableIntervalTimer 82542pulls 82543017
825433 825433-002 825433-003 825433-2 825433-2, 825433-2- 825433-2-AMP 825433-3
825433-3- 825433-3AMP00+250000.17 825433-4 825433-4, 825433-4- 825433-4-AMP
825433-5 825433-5, 825433-5- 825433-5-AMP 825433-6 825433-6, 825433-6-
825433-6-AMP 825433-7 825433-7, 825433-7- 825433-7-AMP 825433-8 825433-8,
825433-8- 825433-8-AMP 825433-9 825433-9, 825433-9- 825433-9-AMP 825433002
825433003 8254332 8254332AMP 8254333 8254333AMP 8254333AMP00+250000.17
8254333AMP0025000017 8254334 8254334AMP 8254335 8254335AMP 8254336 8254336AMP
8254337 8254337AMP 8254338 8254338AMP 8254339 8254339AMP 8254354 825437-2
825437-2, 825437-2- 825437-2-AMP 825437-3 825437-4 825437-4-AMP 825437-5
825437-5- 825437-6 825437-6, 825437-6- 825437-6-AMP 825437-7 825437-7, 825437-7-
825437-7-AMP 825437-8 825437-9 825437-9, 825437-9- 825437-9-AMP 8254372
8254372AMP 8254373 8254374 8254374AMP 8254375 8254375AMP 8254376 8254376AMP
8254377 8254377AMP 8254378 8254379 8254379AMP 825438H-10V2.2 825438H10V22
825440-2 825440-2-AMP 825440-3 825440-3, 825440-3- 825440-3-AMP 825440-4 825440-5
825440-5, 825440-5-AMP 825440-6 825440-6, 825440-6- 825440-6-AMP 825440-7
825440-7, 825440-7- 825440-7-AMP 825440-8 825440-8, 825440-8- 825440-8-AMP
825440-9 825440-9, 825440-9- 825440-9-AMP 8254402 8254402AMP 8254403 8254403AMP
8254404 8254405 8254405AMP 8254406 8254406AMP 8254407 8254407AMP 8254408
8254408AMP 8254409 8254409AMP 82545 82545-00 8254500 8254500BLKBLDNW 825457-2
825457-2, 825457-2- 825457-2-AMP 825457-3 825457-3- 825457-4 825457-4- 825457-6
825457-6, 825457-6- 825457-6-AMP 825457-7 825457-7, 825457-7- 825457-7-AMP
825457-8 825457-8, 825457-8- 825457-8-AMP 825457-9 825457-9, 825457-9-
825457-9-AMP 8254572 8254572AMP 8254573 8254573AMP 8254574 8254576 8254576AMP
8254577 8254577AMP 8254578 8254578AMP 8254579 8254579AMP 825458-4 825458-4,
825458-4- 825458-4-AMP 8254584 8254584AMP 82545INTL 82545P 82545P82545 82546
825468 82547-02 8254702 82547EB 82548 82548-03 8254803 8254808 82548AMPRF
82549-04 82549-1000 82549-1200 8254904 825491000 825491200 8254952 8254B 8254BM
8254BMR8254B 8254C 8254C-2 8254C-8 8254C2 8254C8 8254CROPPED 8254D 8254H.H.S
8254H.H.SMITH 8254HHS 8254HHSM 8254HHSMITH 8254INT81 8254INTL 8254P 8254P8254
8255 8255 A-5  OU 8255AC-5 8255(P 8255(UPD8255AC-5) 8255(UPD8255AC-5) D/C85
8255(UPD8255AC5) D/C85 8255(UPD8255AC5)DC85 8255- 8255-12 8255-2 8255-5
8255-5 GOLD 8255-5GOLD 8255-U500-BLK 8255/883 8255/883      Q
8255/883      QD8255A-5W/CERTS 8255/DS9868 8255/E88C 82550
82550 8MM POLYETHYLENE TUBE 825500 825500G 825501 825502 8255021202 825506
825508-5 8255085 825508MMPOLYETHYLENETUBE 82550EY 82550EY/Q414ES 82550EYQ414ES
82550GM 82550GM BGA-196 82550GM BGA-196 (INTEL) 82550GMBGA196 82550GMBGA196INTEL
825512 825514-1- 825514-1-AMP 8255141 8255141AMP 82552 82552-N 82552N 825530
82553MG82553 825543122 8255452 82555 825551 825551A-5 825551A5 825552 825553
825554 825558 82555GOLD 82555INTL 82556-N 825561 82556N 82557 82557  SZ758
82557 SL24Z 82557S 82557SL247 82557SL24Z 82557SZ758 82558 825586 825587 825588
8255883 8255883Q 8255883QD8255A5WCERTS 825588AMPRF 825588RFP1 825588RFX
825588RFX0 825589 8255891006 825589AMPRF 825589CC 825589CCAMPRF 825589CR
825589CRFX 825589P1 825589RFX 825589RFX1 82558B 82558L 82558SB82558B 82559
82559 SL3HD 82559-01 825590 8255901 8255902RFX 825590AMPRF 825590RF 825590RFX
82559A 82559A1 82559B0 82559B1 82559B2 82559B2/APO18218 82559B2/APO18224
82559B2APO18218 82559B2APO18224 82559B3 82559B3/APO18219 82559B3APO18219 82559BO
82559BO/APO18216 82559BO/APO18220 82559BOAPO18216 82559BOAPO18220 82559CS L3DF
82559CSL3DF 82559ER 82559ER/IP 82559ER/Q409ES 82559ERIP 82559ERQ409ES 82559SL3HD
8255A 8255A        D 8255A        P 8255A - 5 GOLD WEISS 8255A P 8255A(D 8255A(P
8255A(QP 8255A- 8255A-2 8255A-2  OU 8255AC-2 8255A-2(P 8255A-5 8255A-5       P
8255A-5       P8255A-5 8255A-5       Q 8255A-5       QD8255A-5 8255A-5 (CROPPED)
8255A-5 (SCRATCHED) 8255A-5(D 8255A-5(P 8255A-5-D 8255A-5/BQA 8255A-5/T
8255A-50DC 8255A-5B 8255A-5B(D 8255A-5D 8255A-5DC 8255A-5PC 8255A-5PC      A
8255A-5PC      AM8255A-5PC 8255A-PC 8255A/B 8255A/B       MD8255A/B 8255A/BQA
8255A/BQA      1 8255A/BQA      1A20455H01 8255A/DGA 8255A2 8255A2OU8255AC2
8255A2P 8255A5 8255A50DC 8255A5B 8255A5BD 8255A5BQA 8255A5CROPPED 8255A5D
8255A5DC 8255A5GOLDWEISS 8255A5OU8255AC5 8255A5P 8255A5P8255A5 8255A5PC 8255A5PCA
8255A5PCAM8255A5PC 8255A5Q 8255A5QD8255A5 8255A5SCRATCHED 8255A5T 8255A924CP74
8255AAMD 8255AB 8255AB(P 8255ABMD8255AB 8255ABP 8255ABQA 8255ABQA1
8255ABQA1A20455H01 8255AC 8255AC-2 8255AC-2      D 8255AC-2      D8255AC-2
8255AC-2      N 8255AC-2 NEC/94 8255AC-2(UPD8255AC-2) 8255AC-2KERAMIK 8255AC-2NEC
8255AC-5 8255AC-5      D 8255AC-5      D8255AC-2 8255AC-55 8255AC-55      D
8255AC-55      D8255AC-55 8255AC-5NEC 8255AC2 8255AC2(UPD8255AC2) 8255AC2D
8255AC2D8255AC2 8255AC2KERAMIK 8255AC2N 8255AC2NEC 8255AC2NEC94 8255AC2UPD8255AC2
8255AC5 8255AC55 8255AC55D 8255AC55D8255AC55 8255AC5D 8255AC5D8255AC2 8255AC5NEC
8255ACC 8255ACC       A 8255ACC       AM8255ACC/D8255A 8255ACC-8 8255ACC8
8255ACCA 8255ACCAM8255ACCD8255A 8255AD 8255AD1 8255ADC 8255ADC       A
8255ADC       AM8255ADC 8255ADCA 8255ADCAM8255ADC 8255ADCB 8255ADGA 8255AH 8255AP
8255AP-5 8255AP-5      T 8255AP-5(TMP 8255AP-5TOSH 8255AP5 8255AP5PH 8255AP5PHD
8255AP5T 8255AP5TMP 8255AP5TOSH 8255APC 8255APC       A 8255APC       AM8255APC
8255APCA 8255APCAM8255APC 8255APCB 8255APLC 8255AQP 8255AXD 8255AXW 8255C
8255C224MAT050M 8255D 8255D8255AC-2 8255D8255AC2 8255DS9868 8255E88C 8255J
8255M5L8255AP-5 8255M5L8255AP5 8255N 8255N        I 8255NI 8255P 8255P-45L
8255P45L 8255U500BLK 8255UPD8255AC 8255UPD8255AC5 8255UPD8255AC5DC85 8255W
8255XXXP-5 8255XXXP-5     T 8255XXXP5 8255XXXP5T 8256 8256-10 8256-10 80276
8256-5B 8256-5B       P 8256-70 8256-8 8256-8       P 8256-HHSM 82560 82560-6
825606 82560A4 82560D3 82561 825610 82561080276 825612NFS 8256143 82561NBS 825628
825629 82562EM 82562EMA2 82562EMA3 82562EMAI 82562EP 82562ET 82563-BLK 82563-TR1
825630 825631 825635 82563BLK 82563TR1 8256400 82565 825654278 82565B 82565BP
825665 82567-02-16491-002A 82567-F159691 825670 825670216491002A 825677 825677RFX
82567F159691 82568 8256811000 82568P 8256A 8256A - 2P 8256A-2P 8256A-2P/PULLS
8256A2P 8256A2PPULLS 8256AH 8256AH       P 8256AH-P IC HMD INT/293 8256AHDC/75
8256AHDC75 8256AHL64 8256AHL6453720 8256AHP 8256AHPICHMDINT293 8256AP
8256AP- 3 MHz 8256AP-3MHZ 8256AP3MHz 8256APC 8256APC6134 8256AZP 8256D
8256FKLI-12 8256FKLI12 8256FSPX10 8256G0592 8256H 8256HHSM 8256HV31.5 8256HV315
8256K3622 8256P-12L 8256P12L 8256PM-10L 8256PM10L 8256W 8257 8257        D
8257        D8257 8257        P 8257        P8257 8257 C-2 8257 C-5 8257 MIX
8257(C) 8257(D 8257(D) 8257(P) 8257(P)/PULLS 8257- 8257-096-999-123 8257-2
8257-2(UPD8257C-2) 8257-5 8257-5       D 8257-5       D8257-5 8257-5       P
8257-5       P8257-5 8257-5       Q 8257-5       QD8257-5 8257-5 NEW BUT 8257-5(D
8257-5(D) 8257-5(M5L8257P-5) 8257-5(M5L8257P-5) D/C82 8257-5(M5L8257P-5)D/
8257-5(QD 8257-5(QP 8257-500-BLDNW 8257-5INTL 8257/B 8257096999123 82572
82572(UPD8257C2) 825721 8257211000 82572UPD8257C2 825733 825749 82575
82575(M5L8257P5) D/C82 82575(M5L8257P5)DC82 8257500BLDNW 82575D 82575D82575
82575INTL 82575M5L8257P5 82575M5L8257P5D 82575M5L8257P5DC82 82575MHZA86NDK6X
82575NEWBUT 82575P 82575P82575 82575Q 82575QD 82575QD82575 82575QP 82576 82577
82577 ASSY 3516780-5 82577-3452857 82577-3820115REV.A 82577-3884046-1
82577-3900063 82577-3900418 82577-3901226-4 82577-3906041 82577-392154
82577-5044245 82577-5046269 82577-5066948 82577-506920 82577-6200188-2
82577-654083 82577-7005397-1 82577-USA3901254-1 82577-USA3901270-1
82577-USA3905193 82577/29832 825770 8257721 8257724 8257729832 8257731
825773452857 825773820115REVA 8257738840461 825773900063 825773900418
8257739012264 825773906041 82577392154 825775044245 825775046269 825775066948
82577506920 825776 8257762001882 82577654083 8257770053971 82577A6
82577ASSY35167805 82577ASSY3909255 82577ASSY39095303 82577H990766-00
82577H990766-008 82577H99076600 82577H990766008 82577S0CN654363 82577S0CN656191-1
82577S0CN6561911 82577SOCN 82577SOCN655350 82577SOCN655351-4 82577SOCN6553514
82577SOCN65538-3 82577SOCN655383 82577SOCN655558-4 82577SOCN6555584
82577SOCN8655495-00 82577SOCN8655495-001 82577SOCN8655495-0011 82577SOCN865549500
82577SOCN8655495001 82577SOCN86554950011 82577USA39012541 82577USA39012701
82577USA3905193 82578-9 825780 825789 8257A 8257A-5 8257A5 8257AM-12LB 8257AM-70L
8257AM12LB 8257AM70L 8257ATM-7L 8257ATM7L 8257AYM-12L 8257AYM12L 8257B 8257BN
8257C 8257C-2 8257C-2       D 8257C-2       D8257C-2 8257C-2       N
8257C-2       NE 8257C-2       NEC 8257C-2NEC 8257C-2UM 8257C-5 8257C-5       D
8257C-5       D8257C-5 8257C-5(P) 8257C-5NEC 8257C-J 8257C2 8257C2/D2
8257C2/PULLS 8257C2D 8257C2D2 8257C2D8257C2 8257C2N 8257C2NE 8257C2NEC
8257C2PULLS 8257C2UM 8257C5 8257C5/PULLS 8257C5D 8257C5D8257C5 8257C5NEC 8257C5P
8257C5PULLS 8257CJ 8257D 8257D        D 8257D CERAMIC 8257D8257 8257DC
8257DC       A 8257DC       AM8257DC 8257DC/C8257 8257DC/C8257    A
8257DC/C8257    AM8257DC/C8257 8257DCA 8257DCAM8257DC 8257DCC8257 8257DCC8257A
8257DCC8257AM8257DCC8257 8257DCERAMIC 8257DD 8257J 8257M-12L 8257M12L 8257MIX
8257P 8257P-12L 8257P-5 8257P-5MIT 8257P12L 8257P5 8257P5MIT 8257P8257 8257PC
8257PC       A 8257PC       AM8257PC 8257PC       AM8257PC/P8257 8257PC/P8257
8257PC/P8257    A 8257PC/P8257    AM8257P/P8257 8257PC/P8257    AM8257PC/P8257
8257PCA 8257PCAM8257PC 8257PCAM8257PCP8257 8257PCP8257 8257PCP8257A
8257PCP8257AM8257PCP8257 8257PCP8257AM8257PP8257 8257PL-00-02 8257PL0002
8257PPULLS 8257UPD8257C 8257UPD8257C- 8258 8258-1-212 8258-336 8258-384
8258-500-BLK 825800 825808(HERTL.QGA300 825808(HERTL.QGA3001
825808(HERTL.QGA30016BW) 825808HERTLQGA300 825808HERTLQGA3001
825808HERTLQGA30016BW 82581212 82582 825826 825827 825827-001 825827001 82583
8258336 8258384 82583INTL 82584-33 8258401062 825843 8258433 8258500BLK 825857
8258580-1 82585801 82586 82586        C 82586        C82586 82586        M
82586        MC82586 82586        P 82586        P82586 82586 C82586
82586 GOLDPIN 82586 S.P 82586 S52274 82586 S52274 PULLS 82586 SZ468
82586 SZ468 PULLS 82586(52055) 82586(C 82586(C) 82586(N 82586(P) 82586- 82586-10
82586-10      N 82586-10      N82586-10 82586-10 INTEL 82586-10 PULLS
82586-10 SZ470 82586-10(N 82586-10PULLS 82586-14 82586-6 82586-INT 82586-S52055
82586-S52069 82586-S52234 82586-S52266 82586-SZ468 82586-Z004 82586.10
82586/PR41043 82586/S52055 82586/S52057 82586/S52068 82586/S52069 82586/S52076
82586/S52141 82586/S52234 82586/SZ009 82586/SZ468 8258600 8258610 8258610INTEL
8258610N 8258610N8258610 8258610PULLS 8258610SZ470 8258614 8258652055 825866
82586C 82586C82586 82586GOLDPIN 82586INT 82586M 82586MC82586 82586N 82586N82586-6
82586N825866 82586P 82586P82586 82586PR41043 82586S52055 82586S52057 82586S52068
82586S52069 82586S52076 82586S52141 82586S52234 82586S52266 82586S52274
82586S52274PULLS 82586SP 82586SZ009 82586SZ468 82586SZ468PULLS 82586Z004 825870
8258700 82588 82588        D 82588- 8258851000 825886 8258861000 8258881000
82588D 82588P 82589 8258900 8258A-R 8258AP 8258AR 8259 8259        D
8259        D8259 8259        S 8259        SAB8259 8259  BLACK
8259 AC-2 OU P8259A-2 8259(71059C) 8259(D) 8259(D8259A)(USED) 8259(P8259A)(USED)
8259(SAB8259AP) 8259(SAB8259AP) D/C88 8259(SAB8259AP)D/C88 8259(SAB8259AP)DC88
8259(UM8259A) 8259(UM8259A)D/C89 8259(UM8259A)DC89 8259(UPD8259C-5)
8259(UPD8259C-5) D/C84 8259(UPD8259C-5)D/C8 8259- 8259-010-1000 8259-010-CUT
8259-100-10 8259-100-BLK 8259-1000-10 8259-1000-BLK 8259-1000BLK-BLDNW 8259-2
8259-2(P8259A-2) 8259-2(P8259A-2) D/C85 8259-2(P8259A-2)D/C8 8259-2(UPD8259AC-2)
8259-2(UPD8259AC-2) D/C87 8259-2(UPD8259AC-2)D 8259-2-P 8259-200 8259-5 8259-5(D)
8259-500 BLK-BLDNW 8259-500-10 BLK 8259-500BLK-BLDNW 8259-A-2 8259-AC2 8259-AMD
8259-BULK-BLK 8259-O 8259-U1000-10 8259-U1000-10 BLK 8259-U1000-BLK 8259-U500-10
8259-U500-BLK 8259/PULLS 8259=D8259C-5 82590 82590- 8259000000 82590101000
8259010CUT 82590400009 8259051000 8259100010 82591000BLK 82591000BLKBLDNW
825910010 8259100BLK 82592 82592(P8259A2) D/C85 82592(P8259A2)DC85
82592(UPD8259AC2) 82592(UPD8259AC2) D/C87 82592(UPD8259AC2)DC87 82592- 8259200
82592P 82592P8259A2 82592P8259A2DC8 82592P8259A2DC85 82592UPD8259AC2
82592UPD8259AC2D 82592UPD8259AC2DC87 82593 825933 825933523 8259345 825936
82593SX 82593SX Z568 82593SXSZ568 82593SXZ568 82595 825950010BLK 8259500BLKBLDNW
8259501000 825953727 82595D 82595F-X 82595FX 82595INTL 82595TX 82595TXSZ756
82596-20 82596-33 8259602 825960A33pull 8259620 8259633 8259656-0896 82596560896
8259675 82596CA-25 82596CA-25 SZ716 82596CA-25 SZ716INTL 82596CA-25INTL
82596CA-2J 82596CA-33 82596CA-33  SN222 82596CA-33  SN222INTL 82596CA-33 SN222
82596CA-33 SN222INTL 82596CA-33 SZ524 82596CA-33 SZ651 82596CA-33 SZ717
82596CA-33 SZ717C 82596CA-33 SZ717CINTL 82596CA-33 SZ717INTL 82596CA-33INTL
82596CA-PQFP-33MHZ 82596CA2/SZ716C 82596CA25 82596CA25INTL 82596CA25SZ716
82596CA25SZ716INTL 82596CA2J 82596CA2SZ716C 82596CA33 82596CA33 S Z717
82596CA33INTL 82596CA33S2717 82596CA33SN222 82596CA33SN222INTL 82596CA33SZ524
82596CA33SZ651 82596CA33SZ717 82596CA33SZ717C 82596CA33SZ717CINTL
82596CA33SZ717INTL 82596CAA-25 82596CAA25 82596CAPQFP33MHZ 82596D-25 82596D25
82596DX 82596DX-25 82596DX-25  PULLS  GL 82596DX-25(KU 82596DX-25KUINT 82596DX-33
82596DX-33 SZ653 82596DX25 82596DX25KU 82596DX25KUINT 82596DX25PULLSGL 82596DX33
82596DX33SZ653 82596DX33SZ715 82596SX-20 82596SX20 82596SX20 KU 82596SX20 SZ713
82596SX20- 82596SX20KU 82596SX20SZ713 82596X-25 82596X25 825971059C 825976 825979
825986 825996 8259A 8259A        I 8259A        P 8259A        P8259A
8259A        U 8259A        UM8259A 8259A D  INT 8259A(D 8259A(D) 8259A(ID)
8259A(MBL 8259A(MBL) 8259A(P 8259A(P) 8259A(QP) 8259A(TD) 8259A(UM
8259A- 2 -N 8 MHzPLCC 8259A-2 8259A-2       D 8259A-2       D8259A-2
8259A-2       I 8259A-2       N 8259A-2       N8259A-2 8259A-2       P
8259A-2       P8259A-2 8259A-2 (SCRATCHED) 8259A-2 D INT 8259A-2(D 8259A-2(MBL
8259A-2(N 8259A-2(N) 8259A-2(P 8259A-2(P) 8259A-2(P8259A-2)(US
8259A-2(P8259A-2)(USED) 8259A-2(QD 8259A-2(QP) 8259A-2(SAB) 8259A-2(UM 8259A-2-N
8259A-2-N8MHZPLCC 8259A-2-P 8259A-2/883B 8259A-2/883B    M
8259A-2/883B    MD8259A-2/883B 8259A-2B 8259A-2B      1
8259A-2B      1A20428H01HSE MARKED 8259A-2DINT 8259A-2N 8259A-2P
8259A-2P(SNAP IN) 8259A-2P8259A-2 8259A-5 8259A-8 8259A-8       P
8259A-8       P8259A-8 8259A-8CP 8259A-B 8259A-C 8259A-C       S 8259A-D 8259A-N
8259A-N 5 MHzPLCC 8259A-N5MHzPLCC 8259A-P 8259A-P       S 8259A-P SAB 8259A-PSAB
8259A-PULLS 8259A-S2893 8259A-S4350 8259A-S4413 8259A-Z 8259A/A-2 8259A/B
8259A/B       M 8259A/BMD8259A/B 8259A/BXA 8259A2 8259A2(P8259A2)(USED)
8259A2(REI) 8259A2/D8259A2/D8259 8259A2883B 8259A2883BM 8259A2883BMD8259A2883B
8259A2B 8259A2B1 8259A2B1A20428H01HSEMARKED 8259A2D 8259A2D8259A2
8259A2D8259A2D8259 8259A2D8259A2D8259AC 8259A2DINT 8259A2I 8259A2INT83 8259A2MBL
8259A2N 8259A2N8259A2 8259A2N8MHzPLCC 8259A2P 8259A2P       S 8259A2P(SAB)
8259A2P8259A2 8259A2P8259A2US 8259A2P8259A2USED 8259A2PS 8259A2PSAB 8259A2PSNAPIN
8259A2QD 8259A2QP 8259A2REI 8259A2SAB 8259A2SCRATCHED 8259A2UM 8259A5 8259A8
8259A8CP 8259A8P 8259A8P8259A8 8259AA2 8259AAMD 8259AB 8259AB D 8259AB(P) 8259ABD
8259ABM 8259ABMD8259AB 8259ABP 8259ABXA 8259AC 8259AC       D
8259AC       D8259AC 8259AC (M) 8259AC PDIP28 8259AC(D 8259AC(D) 8259AC-2
8259AC-2      D 8259AC-2      D8259AC-2 8259AC-2(D 8259AC-2(D) 8259AC-2/UPD
8259AC-2NEC 8259AC-5 8259AC-8 8259AC-PULLS 8259AC/8615E5 8259AC2 8259AC2-89
8259AC289 8259AC2D 8259AC2D8259AC2 8259AC2NEC 8259AC2OUP8259A2 8259AC2UPD 8259AC5
8259AC8 8259AC8615E5 8259ACD 8259ACD8259AC 8259ACF 8259ACM 8259ACNEC 8259ACPDIP28
8259ACPULLS 8259ACS 8259AD 8259ADINT 8259AI 8259AID 8259AINT 8259AINTL 8259AJ
8259AL 8259AL-2 8259AL-2 (PLCC) 8259AL-2 PLCC 8259AL-2(PLCC) 8259AL-2PLCC 8259AL2
8259AL2PLCC 8259AMBL 8259AMD 8259AN 8259AN       S 8259AN5MHzPLCC 8259ANS 8259AP
8259AP       M 8259AP       S 8259AP       T 8259AP(M5L 8259AP(M5L) 8259AP(SAB)
8259AP(TMP 8259AP/A2P 8259AP8259A 8259APA2P 8259APM 8259APM5L 8259APMIT 8259APS
8259APSAB 8259APT 8259APTMP 8259APULLS 8259AQ-2 8259AQ2 8259AQP 8259AS2893
8259AS4350 8259AS4413 8259ATD 8259AU 8259AUM 8259AUM8259A 8259AZ 8259BLACK
8259BULKBLK 8259C 8259C-5 8259C-5(D) 8259C-5NEC 8259C5 8259C5D 8259C5NEC 8259D
8259D8259 8259D8259A 8259D8259AUSED 8259D8259C5 8259J 8259KP 8259M-12 8259M-12MT
8259M12 8259M12MT 8259N 8259N        I 8259N        INS8259N 8259NI 8259NINS8259N
8259O 8259P8259AUSED 8259PULLS 8259S 8259SAB8259 8259SAB8259AP 8259SAB8259APDC88
8259U100010 8259U100010BLK 8259U1000BLK 8259U50010 8259U500BLK 8259UM8259A
8259UM8259ADC89 8259UPD8259C5 8259UPD8259C5DC8 8259UPD8259C5DC84 825A
825A        C 825A        CM825A 825A0001 825A0002 825A0003 825A0007G 825A0050-03
825A005003 825A0051-03 825A005103 825A0052-03 825A005203 825A0053-03 825A005303
825A0054-03 825A005403 825A0055-03 825A005503 825A0056-03 825A005603 825A0057-03
825A005703 825A01 825A222F 825A2617 825A4425 825A4425G 825A4429 825A4620G 825AA
825AC 825ACM825A 825ADI 825AG43D 825AP-5 825AP5 825AR 825AR2401G 825AR4307 825B
825B1800W 825B380075 825B3800B75 825C 825C        C 825C        CCS825C
825C DIP-6 825C3-5 825C3-5NEC 825C35 825C355 825C35NEC 825C480190 825CC
825CCCS825C 825CDIP6 825D 825D12 825D5 825DN-13 825DN13 825F100 825F100-OHMIT
825F100OHMIT 825F10K 825F10K-OHMIT 825F10KOHMIT 825F10R 825F10R-OHMIT
825F10ROHMIT 825F150 825F15K 825F15K-OHMIT 825F15KOHMIT 825F15R 825F1K0 825F1K5
825F1R0OHMIT 825F200 825F200-OHMIT 825F2000 825F200OHMIT 825F20R 825F250
825F250-OHMIT 825F250OHMIT 825F25K 825F25K-OHMIT 825F25KOHMIT 825F25R 825F2K0
825F2K5 825F2R0 825F2R0-OHMIT 825F2R0OHMIT 825F300 825F30R 825F3K0 825F3K0-OHMIT
825F3K0OHMIT 825F3R0 825F3R0-OHMIT 825F3R0OHMIT 825F3R3 825F40R 825F500
825F500-OHMIT 825F500OHMIT 825F50R 825F50R-OHMIT 825F50ROHMIT 825F5K0
825F5K0-OHMIT 825F5K0OHMIT 825F5R0 825F5R0-B 825F5R0-OHMIT 825F5R0B 825F5R0OHMIT
825F750-OHMIT 825F750OHMIT 825F75K 825F75K-OHMIT 825F75KOHMIT 825F75R 825F7R5
825FCD 825FG44502 825FH1 825FL 825FR10 825FR12 825FR215 825FR30 825FR50 825FR70
825HD300 825J/883BC/UC 825J47R 825J50R 825J883BCUC 825JN 825K 825K 0603 1%
825K 0805 825K 1% 6 825K 1/8W 1% 825K 1206 825K 1206 1% 825K 1W 0.1%
825K OHM 1/4W 1% MET 825K OHM 1/4W 1% METAL FILM 825K0.6W1% 825K00520PPM
825K0150PPMTF 825k02041 825k02041% 825K04W1 825K06031 825K06W1 825K0805 825K08051
825K1 825K10604 825K110 825K1100PPMMF 825K1100PPMTF 825K110WSM0805 825K114 825K12
825K1206 825K12061 825K12W13 825K14W1 825K16 825K17 825K18W1 825K19 825K1W01
825K20 825K20W 825KB01 825KF18W0805 825KNY4 825KOHM 825KOHM/2012F 4K/R
825KTRCHIP 825KW1 825KXBK-ND 825KXBKND 825KXTR 825L 825M 825MC8bitA/DC
825MC8bitADC 825NF100V2 825NH1R0 825NH5R0 825NY4 825O5W 825OHM 825OHM0.5W2%
825OHM0.5W2%DRALORIC 825OHM05W2 825OHM05W2DRALORIC 825OHM06W1 825OHM06W10
825Ohm1100PPMMF 825Ohm1100PPMTF 825Ohm1100PPMTkF 825Ohm125PPMMF 825OHM1W50
825OHM5W1 825OHMRESISTOR 825OHMS 825ON 825ONNSC 825P 825P        M 825P/L 825PF
825PF 300V 2% 825PF300V2 825PF300V2% 825PF300V2%JVA 825PF300V2JVA 825PL 825PM
825R 825R 1% 825R 1206 825R 1206 1% 825R+/-1% 825R-1%-1/2W 825R-1%-1/4WM 825R0
825R00204501 825R00204501% 825R02041 825R02041% 825R06W1 825R1 825R1%
825R1%DRALORIC 825R112W 825R114WM 825R1206 825R12061 825R1DRALORIC 825R23037L1
825SD1200 825SEUK-T 825SEUK-TMAX 825SEUKT 825SEUKTMAX 825T1800 825T1800B
825U105MXAMT 825W 825W        M 825WM 825X 825XBKND 825XD6TAMD82 826
826         G 826         GI826/MR826 826 11173 826 470-5 826 539-5 826 539-7
826 541-5 826 543-2 826 543-3 826 543-4 826 543-6 826 543-8 826 544-2 826 544-3
826 544-6 826 544-9 826 712-2 826 839-3 826 846-3 826-0001-292 826-0007 826-0017
826-0059 826-0059H 826-0098 826-0117 826-0125 826-0125 HSE 826-0213 826-0284
826-0358 826-0358 HSE 826-0367 826-0457 826-0457 HSE 826-0488 826-0488H 826-0502
826-0544 826-0634 826-0634 HSE 826-06W 826-0728 826-0742 826-0755 826-09 826-0915
826-0999 826-1050 826-1340 826-1435 826-1548 826-156 826-159 826-160/000-006
826-1789 826-1789 HSE 826-1898J 826-1921 826-196 826-21 826-2301 826-2301 HSE
826-2644 826-2644 HSE 826-284 826-3455 826-3456 826-3458 826-3459 826-3460
826-3461 826-3462 826-3464 826-3555 826-3556 826-3558 826-3559 826-3563 826-3564
826-3571 826-3573 826-42351-12 826-5145 826-5168 826-5169 826-5176 826-5177
826-5178 826-60615-0 826-8200 826-844-3 826-915 826-999 826-V14 826-V14       8
826-V14      8 826.000.021 826.000.071 826.016.011 826.5099.899 8260 8260-05-10
8260-12-10 8260-HHSM 82600 826000-2 826000-2, 826000-2-AMP 8260000000000
826000011 826000021 826000071 8260001292 8260002 8260002AMP 8260006502 8260006504
8260006517 8260006519 8260006531 8260006533 8260006534 8260006535 8260006536
8260007 826001011 8260017 826002011 826003011 826004011 826005 826005011 82600510
8260059 8260059H 826006011 826007011 826008011 826009011 8260092 8260098 82601
826010011 826011017 8260117 826012018 82601210 8260125 8260125HSE 826016011
826016021 8260181 82601810 8260181GRYHL 8260185 8260185TET 8260186 8260189
8260189TET 82601P 82602 826020 826020C10060M 8260213 8260284 826028C10072M
826029A10016M 82603 826035-3 8260353 8260358 8260358HSE 826036 8260367 82603P
82604 826044-6 8260446 8260457 8260457HSE 8260488 8260488H 82605 8260502
826053021 8260544 82605P 82606 826060021 826062RFX 826063021 8260634 8260634HSE
826065-120 826065120 826068021 82606W 82607 82607-PAC 8260728 8260742 8260755
82607M 82607P 82607PAC 82607PCF 82608 82609 8260915 8260999 82609P 8260HHSM
8260MHZ 8260N 8260N        N 8260N F/P 8260NFP 8260NN 8260R 8260R        R
8260R/883 8260R/883      R 8260R883 8260R883B 8260R883B      R 8260R883BR
8260R883R 8260RR 8260ZU133 8260ZU133A 8260ZU166A 8260ZU200A 8260ZUIHBB2 8261
8261-0269 8261-100 CHR-BLDNW 8261-100CHR-BLDNW 8261-500BLK-BLDNW 8261-HHSM
8261-SH9-AV2ME 8261-SHZQE 82610 82610269 8261050 82611 8261100 82611002
8261100CHRBLDNW 82611173 82611P 82612 82612.0 826120 826120A20060MSP 8261340
82613P 82614 826140-2 8261402 8261411 8261435 82614R2202A30 82615 8261500BLKBLDNW
8261548 826156 826159 82616 826160000006 826166-3 826166-4 826166-6 826166-7
826166-8 8261663 8261664 8261666 8261667 8261668 826176 8261789 8261789HSE 82618
8261898J 82619 826191AN 8261921 826196 826196-001 826196-1 826196-1Amp/tyco
826196001 8261961 8261961Amptyco 826198-1 8261981 826199-1 826199-1-AMP
826199-1AMP 8261991 8261991AMP 8261A 8261A        N 8261AMPRF 8261AN 8261DP
8261DP       8 8261DP8 8261HHSM 8261J80ZQE2 8261J81-JQE72 8261J81JQE72
8261J81ZBE22 8261J81ZGE12 8261J81ZGE22 8261J81ZQE012 8261J81ZQE12 8261J82H9ZB
8261J82Z3QE22 8261J82ZGE 8261J82ZGE22 8261J82ZQE022 8261J82ZQE032 8261J82ZQE22
8261J82ZRE22 8261J86ZQ22RED 8261JTZ3QE 8261LH2QE 8261LHCBE1 8261LHCGE2 8261P
8261P        8 8261P8 8261SH9A 8261SH9AV2ME 8261SH9V40BE2 8261SH9V40BE2CK
8261SHAV2BE 8261SHCG 8261SHV3QE 8261SHZBE 8261SHZGE2 8261SHZQE 8261SHZQE1
8261SHZQE2 8261SHZQE2-BG 8261SHZQE2BG 8261W 8261W        R 8261WR 8262
8262        T 8262        TD8262 8262-1000-BLK 8262-1000BLK-BLDNW 8262-500
8262-500-BLK 8262-500BLK-BLDNW 8262-L 8262-U1000-BLK 8262-U500-BLK 82620
826204740 82621 82621000BLK 82621000BLKBLDNW 826214 82622 82622H 82622H       G
82622HG 8262301 8262301HSE 826235G 82623P 82624 82625 8262500 8262500BLK
8262500BLKBLDNW 826252 82625D3 8262644 8262644HSE 8262701 82628 826284 8262A
8262A12 8262A262 8262Beldon 8262C13 8262C90 8262D-22 8262D22 8262F 8262F        N
8262F/883B 8262F/883B     S 8262F883B 8262F883BS 8262FH 8262FN 8262G22 8262G232
8262G90 8262L 8262N 8262N        N 8262N        N8262N 8262NN 8262NN8262N 8262T
8262TD8262 8262U1000BLK 8262U500BLK 8262W 8262W        S 8262W/883B
8262W/883B     S 8262W883B 8262W883BS 8262WS 8263 8263  BLACK 8263-0412




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